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To request a visit use our book a champion tool to match the perfect role model with your school or group.

Click the 'Book a Champion' hexagon to get started - or browse our champion profiles instead.

Key Facts

A few FAQs before you book your role model

  • A visit to your school or group lasts up to 90 minutes. Longer visits can be arranged but only upon agreement from your champion.
  • A Champions in Scotland programme has a specific format which the role model will deliver. Key messages are success through effort and learning from failure (view resources). Cost £550.
  • A single visit allows you to do whatever you like during the session but you need to involve the champion in your planning so they can be prepared for the day. Cost £200.
  • If you're looking for an interactive/workshop style session, a maximum of 35 young people can be involved.
  • School assembly-type visits to larger groups can be arranged upon agreement with the champion.
  • Only one group per visit. If you want multiple groups to receive visits, it's best to book each visit separately.